Kings Things

Kings Things
KING’S THINGS is a Christian thrift shop established in 1983 through the cooperative efforts of the Ministerial and Lay persons from the Bethesda United Methodist, First Baptist, First Presbyterian, St. Clare of Assisi Parish, and Trinity Episcopal Churches. The mission of this Ecumenical thrift shop is to provide the communities of the Kingsway sending district with an outreach center. The funds generated through the sale of used clothing and other small household items to the general public provide clothing, food, or funds for emergency needs. In conjunction with the thrift shop, a volunteer food pantry is maintained. Church’s, service organizations, and private individuals make regular contributions of funds, canned goods and other staples to stock this endeavor. It is through the combined efforts of the thrift shop, food pantry, and community that over 200 hundred families were provided with food at Thanksgiving and food baskets and children gifts at Christmas. The KING’S THINGS thrift store and food pantry are located at 1402 Kings Highway. Adult volunteers are always needed. 

In these trying times there are many people in our local area that are in need of your help. The economy has taken a toll on many of the young families. we believe we as a community can help them by giving on a regular basis to Kings Things in Swedesboro.  
With your contribution we will accomplish this. There is an enormous need for food, clothing, assistance for heat, electric, rent, etc.   The list is endless and you can become a part of helping them. Just make a check out to Kings Things and send to my attention. The address is at the bottom of this letter.

Two hours per week to help in Thrift Store and/or Pantry.  

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